Full compatibility!

Connect to the Cloud Storage service any Partizan IP camera or video recorder.

Absolutely free for three days!

You can try all the features of the service for free and after choose accordingly to your needs the most appropriate payment plan.

Only with CLoud Master!

In a few minutes Cloud Master will automatically set up the camera and add it to your account!

Excellent opportunities to increase revenue with Partizan!
Partizan Cloud Storage is the only cloud platform
from the manufacturer of video surveillance equipment!
Become a Partizan Agent
without any obligations
  • Bring us new customers and get
    monthly 10% of the cost of the services
    they have ordered!
Complete solution from a single source:
  • Hardware and software are fully compatible
  • You can connect any Partizan camera or recorder from
    Partizan’s product line without limitation
  • Quickly, comfortably, robust
  • Unique mac-P2P connection
Become a Partizan partner
with your Private Label
  • Invest in the technologies of the future and
    successfully develop your brand
    with our cloud-ready platform!
Ready-made business model, which includes:
  • A Cloud Platform under your own brand that can be connected to any device (PC, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android)
  • OEM equipment under your trademark
  • IT and technical support
  • Constant updates
Agent program Partizan Cloud
A great opportunity to make money!
Partizan Cloud Storage has launched a two-level agent program
  • From January 1st 2018, Partizan Cloud Storage has expanded opportunities for its agents to earn money.
  • That’s how it was before:
  • The Agent found the Client and earned 10% from his orders in Partizan Cloud Storage service. That was one-level system, namely from the Client to the first-level Agent.
  • That’s how it is now:
  • If the first-level Agent using his promo code registers the second-level Agent and the second-level Agent finds a Client, then both Agents earn money from services paid by the Client in the Partizan Cloud Storage service. Namely, the first- and second-level Agents will both get 10%. So, the agents payment system is two-level now. Bingo! :)
  • Why this improvement is of special interest for telecommunication, security, installation and trading companies:
  • It was impossible earlier to combine interests and motivation of different level Agents within organization. But now the head of the company may become first-level Agent and register his employees as second-level Agents by using his promo code. From now employees and the head of the company will get agency percent from Partizan Cloud Storage services paid by Clients of the company!
Benefits and advantages
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