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Connect to the Cloud Storage service any Partizan IP camera or video recorder.

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You can try all the features of the service for free and after choose accordingly to your needs the most appropriate payment plan.

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In a few minutes Cloud Master will automatically set up the camera and add it to your account!

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  • Partizan Cloud is not only a reliable, profitable and innovative system, it is also fun! After all, our cameras can be used in the most unexpected situations and at a variety of different locations. The Partizan Cloud experience is always a story of success. If you have an interesting public project and you want to share it on our website, we are ready to make you a special offer!
  • The local zoo in the Czech Republic has installed Partizan IP cameras in the lemur aviaries. With Partizan Cloud Storage service they were able to transmit real time video on their website. This change has attracted more visitors to the zoo and brought excitement to the children because now they could observe their favorite animals even at home!
  • Partizan cameras were installed at the construction site of a residential house. Due to instant connection to the camera through the Partizan Cloud Storage service investors could observe construction work in real time.This greatly increased the confidence in the company and the developer has attracted more investors even in the early stages of the construction.
  • The Czech factory that produces gates set the Partizan Cloud service and the cameras in the areas of packaging and shipment of goods, after, they opened viewing access to all of their customers. As a result, the number of complaints and claims from customers has decreased significantly, and this has increased the loyalty of the customer to the supplier.
  • A small flower shop in Canada has increased its revenue up to 30% with the help of Partizan Cloud. They just installed a camera in their shop and started broadcasting the creation process of bouquets on their website. People were watching online how they completed their orders, they shared the website with their friends on social networks, and that, significantly increased the popularity of the store without any major investments.
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